Sunday, October 23, 2011

Lonestar Angel by Colleen Coble

Eden Larson thought that her baby was dead. Her hope is renewed when her husband returns to tell her that their daughter has been found.

Five years earlier Eden and Clay's daughter was stolen. When they met the kidnapper to give him the ransom, things went wrong and the car with Brianna supposedly inside crashed into a river. Eden blamed herself, and Clay buried himself in work. And their new marriage ended. Or so Eden thought.

Now Eden is in a new town, with a new faith in God, trying to rebuild her life. She is even in a relationship with a godly man named Kent who is planning on marrying her. However, then Clay appears and tells her that he never signed the divorce papers, so they are still married. He also tells her that he has been searching for Brianna the whole time, and he thinks he has found her in Bluebird, Texas, at a troubled youth ranch. All five of the little girls there are at the right age -but he is not sure which is Brianna.
In order to discover the truth, Eden and Clay become counselors at the Bluebird Ranch. They move into the bunkhouse and oversee the little girls while they try to find out more. Working as a team for the first time, they rediscover how much they love each other. However, danger is closing in, and it could threaten them all.

Lonestar Angel was a very good novel that was brimful of suspense, mystery, and love. I enjoyed the mystery of trying to discover which girl was the Larsons' daughter and who was behind the kidnapping. There were several twists I was not really expecting, and I thoroughly enjoyed how the novel ended. I really liked the characters of Eden and Clay. They were very genuine. The characters did rely on their own strength most of the time, but Eden did realize the sovereignty and providence of God and His work in their life near the end of the novel. The beginning of the novel was a little difficult to get into, but overall I liked how the novel was structured, and I enjoyed the book tremendously. I will definitely be picking up more of Colleen Coble's works.

I received this book from exchange for an honest review.

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