Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Lilies in Moonlight by Allison Pittman

Lilies in Moonlight is a beautiful story full of healing, forgiveness, and true love.

After a long night on the town, fun loving flapper Lilly Margolis finds herself with an injured ankle in the backyard of a wealthy family. A family where the effects of the Great War still exist even after over five years. Inside the walls of the Burnside mansion, Cullen Burnside, a disillusioned and disfigured veteran, and his widowed mother, Betty Ruth, who lives in a state of dementia and forgetfulness, live a lonely existence...until Lilly lands in their backyard. Whimsical, lighthearted, and beautiful, she rejuvenates their sad, disconnected lives and blossoms in the light of their attention.

However, Lilly is hiding from a painful past just like Cullen. When Cullen insists on taking Lilly back to her home, their new found attraction to one another seems destined to wither away. The resulting road trip becomes a journey of self discovery -but will Cullen and Lilly find love, peace, and healing at the journey's end?
This story was excellently set up and wonderfully written. I enjoyed the snappy dialogue of the characters, their growth throughout the story, and the unexpected in the twist in the plot. Lilies in Moonlight is not just a typical romance; it has mystery, suspense, and deep spiritual conversations. Cullen and Betty Ruth alike share the forgiving love of God with Lilly, and the contrast of it with the hypocritical, legalistic views of Lilly's mother are provoking. What is also convicting is the acceptance which Lilly offers to Cullen despite his disfiguring and frightening injuries.
The novel also had its sad moments, but these were overshadowed by Lilly's growth and Cullen and Lilly's relationship
Overall, I truly enjoyed this novel, and I look forward to more of Allison Pittman's novels.

I received this temporary eBook for free from Waterbrook Multnomah Press in exchange for an honest review.


  1. This book sounds interesting. I'll have to look for it. Hugs and have a great week! :O)

  2. It was a very intriguing book. Thanks, you have a good week as well!