Monday, June 18, 2012

My Hair and God's Mercies . . . New Every Morning by Yvette Maher

Yvette Maher, a Kentucky farm girl, shares her life’s traumas, trials, and triumphs. Before Yvette became a Christian, she dealt with emotional pain by filling the voids with drugs, alcohol, and empty relationships. Yet God did not abandon her. Through poignant stories laced with humor and irony, Yvette reveals how God has redeemed her devastating childhood by enabling her to forgive her murderous and unfaithful father and cope with her mother’s debilitating depression. She tells how God has blessed her marriage even though she was several months pregnant when she walked down the aisle. Throughout the wild changes that have occurred in Yvette’s life, God has been with her, ever-present and offering grace at each turn.
My Hair and God's Mercies...New Every Morning by Yvette Maher was a poignant and moving book that was a beautiful mixture of hilarious stories, saddening tragedies, and convicting truths. The book had its own flow that displayed the author's personality. The story did not necessarily chronologically follow Yvette's life, but it was easy to follow both her story and her spiritual growth through it. Yvette had an excellent sense of humor despite her harsh circumstances, and I enjoyed seeing how she responded to certain situations once she experienced God's love. Her writing style was enjoyable and easy to follow while still being filled with important aspects of God's truth.
I loved how each chapter ended with a recipe that meant a lot to Yvette. I cannot wait to try some of them out! The truths and growth that Yvette experienced was tremendous. I was able to connect with her thoughts and what she learned even though I have not been through the same tragedies and hard life that she has. Yvette made some great points, and this will certainly be a book I go back to when I am in need of a reminder of what God's grace can do for a broken family.
I highly recommend this book to anyone who is struggling or just needs a reminder of what God can do.
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