Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Payback in Panama by Noel Hynd

After two attempts on her life, Alex is faced with the ultimate decision . . . kill or be killed.

U.S. Treasury Agent Alexandra LaDuca is at a crossroads. Her job is beating her up, emotionally and psychologically. And the moral battle between her faith and her responsibilities is taking its toll on her effectiveness. For the first time, she wonders how long she can last.

Forcing an end to her long-running and treacherous duel with the heads of the Dosi Cartel, Alex knows this is her last do-or-die operation. It’s time call in all the favors owed to her.

Her fight takes her into the criminal underground of America’s east coast, south into the violent underworld of Central America, across Honduras and El Salvador, and finally to Panama for a shattering confrontation.

Alex’s career, her life, and her future with the man she loves---a future she never expected after the violent death of her fiancĂ© two years earlier---are all at stake. After a final payback in Panama, nothing will be the same . . . if she even survives.

Payback in Panama was an interesting novel that was full of suspenseful elements. The plot line was well written and had a good mix of romance, suspense, humor, and danger within it. I liked the inclusion of background information concerning cartels, politics, and other issues existing in the criminal underground. The themes introduced in this novel were well developed and clear and included the importance of choosing what matters most in life and trusting in God even during tough times.

The characters in this novel were realistic and fairly well developed. I liked Alex as a character, but I wish that her interactions with other characters had contained more emotion and development. She did experience growth during the novel, especially through her personal struggles and the other situations that she experienced. The other more minor characters added some depth to the story and contributed to the situations and choices that Alex experienced throughout the novel. However, their interactions still came off slightly dry and could have been more realistic.

Overall, I enjoyed Payback in Panama,  and I look forward to reading more novels by Noel Hynd.
I received this novel for free from Thomas Nelson Publishers through Booksneeze.com in exchange for an honest review.

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