Monday, February 24, 2014

Weather Child (Excerpt Part 1) by Philippa Ballantine

Let the Countdown to Weather Child's release begin...

It is almost that time (aka March 1st) when a new and, I am quite sure, wonderful novel known as Weather Child will enter the world of print and eBook fiction. A couple of times a week until March 16th I will be posting excerpts in honor of the novel and as part of the Weather Child Virtual Book Tour.

In addition, as preparation for the release of Phillipa Ballantine's novel, Weather Child, you can win a copy of Weather Child by entering this giveaway! a Rafflecopter giveaway

I hope you enjoy the following excerpt and take time to check back for more tidbits and giveaways during the following couple of weeks!

"...The train squealed as they landed on the narrow walkway between the final car and the coal wagon. Faith managed to catch herself before rolling off, but her hat came loose and was lost into the dust.
Scrambling up, they could see over the pile of coal the pale and astonished face of the engineer. He was taking in the fire and the creature that he could obviously see. He disappeared back again. The train sped up and Wirimu and Faith were forced back into the ruined carriage by the swaying of the train.
“He’s not going to risk stopping in Paraparaumu,” Wirimu yelled over the screaming of the wheels. “He’ll push on to Shorecliff where there is a police presence.”
It made sense, and Faith was thankful for the quick thinking of government employees. Glancing behind her, Faith knew they couldn’t be far from the tunnel.
“You go unhook the back carriages from this one,” she instructed Wirimu. “I can’t risk an all-out battle with so many civilians. I’ll hold her off. Quick, there’s a tunnel.” Mid sentence she had already delved into her magic, Hoa leaping to aid her. The wind began to scream even louder than the train. It filled her with satisfaction and completeness just as always. When it was in her, she was more than just human; she was the living, breathing embodiment of nature’s might.
Seeing the oncoming darkness and feeling the wind begin to batter at the sides of the train, Wirimu didn’t ask any further questions. He dashed back along the now pitted and ruined first class carriage, just as the train plunged into the darkness of the tunnel.
Time slowed. It wasn’t a trick of Faith’s perception or magic; she sensed that immediately. The train was slowly shuddering, where as mere moments before it had been bucking like a wily rodeo horse. Only two remaining lights at the far end of the carriage gave any illumination, but it was enough...."
...Excerpt will be continued on Wednesday...

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  1. I'm sooo looking forward to this one from Pip. Amazing work she does and this sounds like one to add to that list. :)

  2. I loved the podiobook of this and can't wait for the print version.

  3. Me too! I really enjoyed the podiobook as well, and I cannot wait to see the additions she has made in the print version.