Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Life of Miracles by Don Schulze

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At first, Don Schulze wasn’t sure he was really hearing from God . . . because what he was hearing didn’t make sense. Could God really be calling him to leave a good career and a stable life to take his family on a journey of ministry across the country and around the world? And could Don trust God to take care of his loved ones on that journey? Would they trust and understand God’s call as well?

With a deep breath and a lot of faith, Don and his family took the leap and said yes—stepping forward into what would become a lifelong quest to follow God’s calling. In A Life of Miracles, you’ll travel with this ordinary family across the years as you witness inspiring encounters with God—dramatic rescues, just-in-time provisions, amazing miracles of healing, and God’s surprising answers to “everyday” prayers. As you read, you’ll see evidence of just how closely God sticks by us, even in our most uncomfortable moments.

This modern-day spiritual odyssey takes you on a heartwarming, soul-stirring exploration of faith. Join Don and his family on their unexpected adventures . . . and discover how your own daily walk with God can add up to a life of miracles.

Life of Miracles by Don Schulze tells the incredible story of the work God has done in and through the Schulze family over the decades. The book starts with Don's life right before he accepted Christ, and it then continues to convey the majority of his ministries over the years and how God has shown up in big ways for him, his family, and his ministries. The miracles that the Schulze family experience are incredible, and it really humbled and challenged me to take a new perspective on how I view prayer, miracles, and the work that God can do. I liked how Gospel oriented Don was both in his book and in his ministry. I also appreciated how each chapter ended with a biblical application related to miracles, faith, and prayer, and then a passage of Scripture that was related to the application and chapter. This book also really challenged me to listen to God and His leading in my life. Oftentimes we pray but we do not stop to listen to what God is telling us in response. Another application I got from reading Life of Miracles is to pray specific prayers and to then trust in faith that God will answer, especially when praying for others. I often will pray very general prayers instead of trusting God to be able to answer the specific ones as well. Overall, I found this book to be a very interesting and certainly convicting read, and I pray that we all live our lives glorifying God and spreading His truth to every nation and people group.

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. 

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