Friday, August 5, 2016

Delilah by Angela Hunt

Life is not easy in Philistia, especially not for a woman and child alone. When beautiful, wounded Delilah finds herself begging for food to survive, she resolves that she will find a way to defeat all the men who have taken advantage of her. She will overcome the roadblocks life has set before her, and she will find riches and victory for herself.

When she meets a legendary man called Samson, she senses that in him lies the means for her victory. By winning, seducing, and betraying the hero of the Hebrews, she will attain a position of national prominence. After all, she is beautiful, she is charming, and she is smart. No man, not even a supernaturally gifted strongman, can best her in a war of wits.
Delilah by Angela Hunt was a fascinating look into the story of Samson from the perspective of Delilah. Instead of Delilah being portrayed as basically a witch out to destroy Samson, instead we see a woman who has suffered much and is just as confused and sinful as the rest of us apart from God. The storyline is told in third person, but it alternates between Delilah and Samson's perspective. The plot holds pretty true to the biblical story, but I enjoyed how the author wove the back story of Delilah: her past, her thoughts, and her changes in character. I have always wondered about what kind of person Delilah was to be so conniving and manipulative, but after reading this perspective of how her life might have been like, I was able to understand her possible point of view and how she was just trying to live and survive. I thought the author's portrayal of Samson was very believable, and I love how Samson's servant was really probably an angel or the Holy Spirit sent to guide Samson. I liked how both characters were flawed but yet at the end both received some measure of forgiveness, redemption and hope in a future, unflawed Savior.

I would highly recommend this novel, and I received this novel from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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