Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Final Hour

The Final Hour by Andrew Klavan was a novel filled with action packed adventure and deep despair. The Final Hour is the fourth and final book in the Homelander Series. As the novel unfolds, Charlie West finds himself locked away in the worst prison in the United States for a crime he did not commit. He feels abandoned by the only agent left who knows the truth, and he is barely able to fend for himself against the Islamist prisoners, the White Supremist criminals, and the corrupt, bloodthirsty guards. He suddenly finds himself in the midst of a frightening situation: the Homelander group has planned one final strike, and Charlie is the only one who knows where, how, and when. Can he reach his friends in time and save America?

The Final Hour is loaded with action and suspense. It is a quick and exciting read. The first part of the book deals with Charlie's despair and loneliness in jail and his struggles with his faith. I liked that the author mentioned Charlie's belief and faith even during his hardships, but I wished he had mentioned Jesus and God more. God was only brought up a couple times, and Christ and His work on the cross were never talked about. The book was a satisfying ending to the Homelander series, and I really enjoyed the entire series. I cannot wait to read the next book by Andrew Klavan; I just hope he talks more about Jesus.

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