Friday, July 29, 2011

Life Everlasting

In Life Everlasting, the sequel to Life Support, by Robert Whitlow, Baxter Richardson miraculously awakens from months in a coma. After his fall from a cliff, he should be dead. However, even though he has awakened, new and old dangers still lurk around him. Meanwhile, his wife Rena is being driven mad by apparitions and ever increasing criminal accusations. Right in the middle of the mess is Alexia Lindale, Rena's lawyer. Alexia is forced to work her way through lawsuits, deceptions, theft, tragedy, and romance in order to find the truth. And she might not find it out in time....

Life Everlasting is very closely tied to Life Support, the first Alexia Lindale novel. I read them back to back, so I had no trouble understanding what was happening, but Life Everlasting is definitely not an independent novel. I enjoyed reading Life Everlasting but not as much as Life Support. Life Everlasting did have some unexpected plot twists and some added tragedy, but the novel was too drawn out. I think both Life Support and Life Everlasting would have been better if they had been shortened into one novel. They were too long with too much empty spaces in the storyline as two separate novels. A unexpected difference I noticed between the two novels was that in Life Support, Alexia Lindale is always called Alexia. In all circumstances. There is even a very awkward line where her friend Ted introduces her as Alexia, then says that is her nickname and that her real name is Alexia. After reading Life Everlasting, I realized that was a typing error. In Life Everlasting Alexia is referred to by her nickname Alex. Apparently in Life Support she was initially called Alex and that confusing portion of the book was not changed when all the Alex references were changed to Alexia.

Overall I thought Life Everlasting was a good follow up story to Life Support, but in my opinion both books would have been better as one novel.

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