Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Cherished by Kim Cash Tate was a delightful book that penetrates the layers of forgiveness and filling loved by God. In this novel, the main character, Kelli London, has always dreamed of being a songwriter. She always felt that God would use the lyrics that came to her to touch people's lives. She thought often of Brian and their love as well. However, a few choices later and all her dreams are upended and in ashes. Will Kelli have the strength to dream again when the opportunity arises so many years later?

Heather Anderson has made a lot of bad choices as well. An affair with a married man and a short tryst with a Christian drummer have left her alone and broken. In desperation she called out to God - and he saved her. Now He is calling her to a new life, to leave everything behind. Will she have the strength to obey?

These two broken women form a unlikely friendship. What does God's forgiveness look like for them? And will they be able to forgive themselves?

Cherished was a wonderful book that I really enjoyed. The characters were very believable, and they struggled with realistic and identifiable problems. The emotions in this book were raw and real, and I was drawn into their depths and into the lives of the characters. The themes of love, forgiveness, and God's grace and mercy were well blended into the novel, and I was truly touched by the how God's love was shown and how His forgiveness was accepted and shared. The characters were willing to finally open up about their issues, and it was really inspiring to see how one person's mess can change the lives of countless others. Cherished was a delightful and inspiring novel, and I highly recommend it. I will definitely be checking out more of Kim Cash Tate's works.

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