Sunday, August 14, 2011


Forbidden by Ted Dekker and Tosca Lee was a wild ride, steered by surprising twists, heartwrenching pain, breathtaking love, and beautiful allegories.

Four Hundred and Eighty Years have passed since humanity was almost wiped off the earth. Since then, the Perfect Order has been established. There is no more war, no more hate, no more more emotion, no more Love. All that is left is fear and the world wide peace that universal fear brings. Until the day when one man, Rom, finds out the truth from an old man and an old vial. The entire world is dead. Walking corpses that feel no emotion, cannot experience life. Now Rom is temporarily alive, and he has the information which can awaken the human heart once again. But the way is narrow and treacherous and the cost unbelievable. For in that day, life itself is Forbidden.

Forbidden is an allegory, not unlike the Circle Trilogy. Humanity is dead, without feeling, similar to those who are dead in sin. There are a few who are awakened temporarily, like God's chosen people, the Isrealites. There is a Christ figure, there are sacrifices, and there is war. Forbidden is a marvelous tale of love and sorrow, sacrifice and selfishness, forgiveness and hate, the peace brought about by fear and peace brought about by true love. The characters are masterfully created by Ted Dekker and Tosca Lee, and the emotion and suspense expressed in the story are stunning. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel, and I will definitely be buying this book when it comes out in September!

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