Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Heart of Ice Review

This past month I read a really intriguing book called Heart of Ice by Lis Wiehl. The book is the third book in a series called The Triple Threat. In Heart of Ice the reader is immediately introduced to a pyschopathic killer who lives under the alias Elizabeth Avery. Elizabeth seems to the rest of the world to simply be a normal, fit and active woman who works and lives just like the rest of the world. She is, however, a manipulative person who uses other people to further her own goals. When Elizabeth murders a young intern, the case is quickly brought to the attention of the Triple Threat Club: Special FBI agent Nicole Hedges, crime reporter Cassidy Shaw, and Federal prosecutor Allison Pierce. These three women are unaware of who the killer is, and they have no idea the proximity this woman has to their own lives and feelings. I found the Heart of Ice to be a very suspenseful novel. Since the reader already was aware of who the killer was, there was not that sense of mystery and suspense. However, I was gripped throughout the book wondering with bated breath whether the Triple Threat Club would figure out who the killer was before it was too late. The author also did a good job creating events in the story that one did not realize were interconnected until far later in the book. The plot moved well, and I enjoyed watching the members of the Triple Threat Club grow and overcome their own problems at the same time as the overall plot was laid out. There was some description, but it did not overwhelm the overall story. One message I received from the novel was to be careful of the people you allow to influence your life. Make sure you know the person before you give them control over some aspect of your life. Another message I gleaned from Heart of Ice was to trust God when circumstances occur in your life which you cannot control. I saw this message not because a certain character followed that advice, but because they did not trust God and instead tried to survive trusting only in themselves. I thought the book had some good messages, but I did feel when I completed the novel that more mention of God and His workings through life would have made the story feel more whole and complete. The only Christian character in the book does pray for the problems her friends face, but I feel there was opportunity for her to have been more open with her faith and that witnessing would have fit well the mood of the scene at that time. Overall, I felt the Heart of Ice was very entertaining, was written well, and contained some beneficial themes.

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