Wednesday, April 20, 2011

No He Can't by Kevin McCullough

No He Can't by Kevin McCullough is about how Barack Obama, whose campaign was all about building hope and change in America, is in fact dismantling those attitudes through his policies and decisions.
The book is broken into several parts, each examining Barack's role and goverment style in a specific area. The first part is about the economy and how Barack's decisions have actually worsened our economy instead of fullfilling the promises he made during his campaign.
The second part is about national security and Barack's role in decreasing its effectiveness. The third part discusses civil rights and how Barack has played a part in the decrease of ethics and rights in American society. The final part of the book focuses on how we are to treat Barack Obama as Christians and Americans and what ways we can help fix these problems in America.

No I Can't was a well written book which clearly expounded the author's views. Kevin McCullough was intentional in his writing, and he presented his facts and material well. I felt that the book was challenging to the American in its content. I also did not always agree with his attitude towards President Obama. Sometimes the author seemed disrespectful of the president's authority. The book was clearly presented from a conservative viewpoint, but I did appreciate that the author also was not afraid to critique other conservatives on views that also did not seem right. In summary I found No I Can't to be a powerful read which clearly expresses a well thought out and evidence based view.

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