Thursday, June 5, 2014

Death Trap by Sigmund Brouwer

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Set in an experimental community on Mars in the year 2039, The Robot Wars series features 14-year-old virtual reality specialist Tyce Sanders. Life on the red planet is not always easy, but it is definitely exciting. Tyce finds that the mysteries of the planet point to his greatest discovery—a new relationship with God. He talks about his growing faith and curiosity in a manner that kids can relate to as they are probably wondering some of the same things. Each book contains two exciting adventures. In the first adventure, the Mars project is in trouble and only Tyce holds the key. In the second adventure, Tyce has discovered there may be killer aliens on the loose.
Robot Wars is a repackaged and updated version of Mars Diaries. There are now five books in the series; each book contains two stories. These new books contain a foreword about how far science has brought us.

Death Trap by Sigmund Brouwer was an interesting young adult novel that stretched the mind with living on another planet with potential aliens about. I was intrigued both by the plot line and the robot suits that Tyce created for himself which were controlled both by using the mind and the body. Tyce was an interesting character who faced a lot of hurt and misgiving because of his crippled status but who ultimately found peace through trusting God and His design and through helping others. I found this novel to be very suspenseful with several unexpected twists and situations that kept me glued to the short book. I would definitely recommend this novel to any young (or older) reader who enjoys a good science fiction read that holds a bit of the unexpected. 

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