Thursday, June 5, 2014

Undetected by Dee Henderson

 When asked what he does for a living . . .
Commander Mark Bishop is deliberately low-key: "I'm in the Navy." But commanding the ballistic missile submarine USS Nevada, keeping her crew trained and alert during ninety-day submerged patrols, and being prepared to launch weapons on valid presidential orders, carries a burden of command like few other jobs in the military. Mark Bishop is a man who accepts that responsibility, and handles it well. And at a time when tensions are escalating around the Pacific Rim, the Navy is glad to have him.

Mark wants someone to come home to after sea patrols. The woman he has in mind is young, with a lovely smile, and very smart. She's a civilian, yet she understands the U.S. Navy culture. And he has a strong sense that life with her would never be boring. But she may be too deep in her work to see the potential in a relationship with him.

Gina Gray would love to be married. She has always envisioned her life that way. A breakup she didn't see coming, though, has her focusing all her attention on what she does best--ocean science research. She's on the cusp of a major breakthrough, and she needs Mark Bishop's perspective and help. Because what she told the Navy she's figured out is only the beginning. If she's right, submarine warfare is about to enter a new and dangerous chapter.

Undetected by Dee Henderson was a fantastic novel that delved into the depths of the lives of those on Navy submarines and what it means to find and to pursue love. Not a fast paced novel by any means, Undetected has a slow, measured stride that really allows the reader to connect with both the storyline and the characters. The plot line is well developed and interesting and contains a lot of details about what it means to work with the Navy, to live on a Navy submarine, to live on land only one third of the year, and many of the strategies and tactics (and possible new ones) that are a part of keeping the peace in international waters. I was intrigued by all of the issues and underworkings that make up submarine life and warfare, and I also enjoyed the potential ideas that could (and maybe have) completely changed the way the Navy and submarine tactics work. The plot also centered around a multitude of deep and important conversations that occurred between the major characters in the novel. These conversations delved into significant topics like trusting God, finding love and marriage, valuing oneself and others, as well as the value of patience.

The characters in this novel were very realistic and well developed. Since the novel was slow paced, I really was able to connect with the characters and to feel like I actually knew them. Mark was a very dynamic character who was not afraid to fight for what he wanted wholeheartedly but who still had a great amount of patience, care, and kindness for those he loved. I enjoyed seeing his relationship with those he worked with, with Gina, and with the others whom he cared about. I liked Daniel too, and I enjoyed how he made the novel interesting and really added to the conflicts that Gina faced. Gina was amazingly smart but at the same time naive and frightened about how to find and to recognize love and then how to accept it from others. I was touched by her concern for others, and I really felt for her as she struggled to make several important life choices. Overall, I highly enjoyed this novel, and I would definitely recommend Undetected and Dee Henderson's other novels to any reader looking for a touching and interesting read.

I received this novel for free from Bethany House and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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